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Emergencies Happen

We see scary events in the news everyday. One day, it could be us.

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared.

We aren’t just special ops vets.

We’re parents too.

We see the same shootings on TV as you. Trained for emergencies, we can’t stand by and watch as innocent people die.

So, we did something to help you take control of your own safety. . .


Protecting in over 85 countries


Battle-Tested Technology


User-Friendly in Emergencies


Download our free app. When an emergency strikes, communicate effectively with your family (and organization) with location-based alerts.


Subscribe to our dashboard for organizations. Manage your organization-wide emergencies.

Protect Your Organization in 3 Steps

1. Download

Download our free smartphone app to protect yourself and your family world-wide with location-based alerts.

2. Subscribe

Subscribe your organization to the Mayday Safety dashboard to manage emergencies and interact with app users.


3. Implement

Sst up your dashboard, train your community, and protect your organization.

Register for our free webinar demonstration and Q&A about how Mayday Safety can help you protect your organization.

Emergencies Happen.

Don’t be caught unprepared.