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get help

Get help when you need it

Unlike a text or voice call, Mayday Safety sends an alert, with your exact location (world-wide) to those in your group.

With Mayday Safety, you’ll always be prepared for the unthinkable.



Check in on loved ones

Create a group with family or friends and communicate seamlessly.

“Call me when you get there.”

“Is grandma OK?”

“Do you want me to check in on you?”

“Stephanie is ignoring her texts… I wonder if she’s OK?”



Receive Incident Response Communication

From your workplace, city, school, or place of worship.


We’re on a mission to keep people safe.

After we heard about Kyle Plush, a high-schooler who died trapped behind the seat of a car because 911 couldn’t find him, we decided to make the Mayday Safety Personal Safety App free for everyone in the world.

We create technology for emergencies and empower users to be prepared and be safe.