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The app is available, for free, to everyone in the world! Download it from the App Store.


Get Connected

Add up to ten family members or friends, straight from your contacts.


Get Peace of Mind

You and your family members now have a free tool you can use to request help or check in.

Manage your family’s safety.


Receive emergency alerts

Be the first to know when and where a family member needs help so you can get them the help they need.


Send safety checks

Ensure family members are safe by sending them a safety check. They will receive a message asking them to confirm their safety.

Manage your
own safety.

Car trouble? Lost in an unfamiliar place? Walking home alone? Request urgent help from your family members by pressing the Mayday button three times.

Your family members will receive your location-based request for help to get you the help you need.


Manage your organization’s safety.

The Mayday Safety Personal Safety App integrates seamlessly with Mayday Safety Pro, an emergency management solution designed to help organizations get prepared for and effectively manage emergency situations, such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Domestic disputes
  • Active shooter events
  • Natural disasters


We’re on a mission to keep people safe.

After we heard about Kyle Plush, a high-schooler who died trapped behind the seat of a car because 911 couldn’t find him, we decided to make the Mayday Safety Personal Safety App free for everyone in the world.

Join 22,000 users, in over 85 countries, who have already discovered the power of the Mayday Safety Personal Safety App.

Happy customers

Be proactive and own your own safety!

With two teenagers (including one who is headed off to college) this app gives me increased peace of mind and ensures that I don’t have to depend solely on the 911 system.

The ability to easily and intuitively check that my family is safe, and to easily and intuitively respond if they are not, is unequaled by any other solution. Thank God this app exists!!

free family safety app

Great App!!

Very easy set up, very user friendly. My family uses this app to send emergency messages from work and school. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

free family safety app

Simple and safe

Simple setup and easy to understand. Spread the word on this because the more people who use it, the safer we can all be!

free family safety app

Great idea

This app is a great way to know not only that your loved ones are safe but enables you to ensure your surroundings are as well.

free family safety app