Case Study: Austin, TX Bombings

What Happened: A serial bomber is currently setting off bombs around Austin, TX. Austin Police Department is using Twitter to communicate safety updates with residents including notifications around bomb areas. How Mayday could have helped: 1. Crowd-sourced Alerts....
Case Study: Parkland, FL

Case Study: Parkland, FL

What Happened: A former student of a high school in Parkland, FL murdered at least 17 people and sent at least 15 more to the hospital. He pulled a fire alarm and, as students exited the building, he shot them. He then entered the building and started firing into...

Meet our Founders

Ryan Cleckner and James West joined forces to make the world a safer place. As corny as that sounds…it’s true. James knew that there was an organizational safety need. There were simply too many places that thought “it could never happen to...

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