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What Happened:

A serial bomber set off several bombs around Austin, TX.

Austin Police Department used Twitter to communicate safety updates with residents including notifications around bomb areas.

How Mayday could have helped:

Crowd-sourced Alerts.

Citizens with the free Mayday Safety app could notify police and alert those nearby of a suspicious package.

Police Notifications.

Police could instantly alert those nearby suspicious packages to stay indoors. Using social media requires that people know to check their Twitter feed and be subscribed to the Austin PD Twitter account. Mayday Safety could immediately alert every Mayday Safety app user’s phone.


Organizations (including the Police) can receive feedback on who received the notifications and receive extra information.

Instant Triage.

In the event of an explosion, first responders can know exactly who is safe and who needs help (and where).

Please don’t rely on social media to communicate during emergency situations. Let us help.

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