What Happened: A former student of a high school in Parkland, FL murdered at least 17 people and sent at least 15 more to the hospital. He pulled a fire alarm and, as students exited the building, he shot them. He then entered the building and started firing into classrooms – including shooting at least one teacher who was trying to close a classroom door. Hours later, it was still unclear the status of all students. Students using social media were able to communicate better than staff and first responders.

How Mayday Might Have Helped: 

  1. A Mayday alert to all students and staff could have advised them to ignore the fire alarm, stay in their classrooms, and lock the doors.
  2. Campus-wide, the head of security could have an immediate view of which classrooms have “checked-in” as safe/locked down and which were under attack/needed help.
  3. Parents would have known the location and condition of their children.
  4. Other school buildings could have locked down as well.
  5. First responders could have had a view/listen into wherever needed to assess the situation.
  6. Instead of a scattered/disorganized social media response, consolidated information could have been shared and processed by security and first responders.
  7. Mayday training would have shown the importance of medical tools and training such as tourniquets in every classroom.
  8. Emergency services could have been notified sooner.
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