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Mayday Pro Dashboard

Take control of your organization’s safety.
Take control

Manage Emergencies

Emergencies are typically overrun with chaos and confusion.   Not anymore.

With your Mayday Pro Dashboard, you’ll be able to see what is happening, to whom, and where. You’ll be able to communicate with your organization and check-in on everyone’s status.

Mayday Safety is the new standard.


Track Alert Locations

Track the locations of alerts and the users within your organization on an interactive map in the Mayday Pro dashboard.

View Emergency Details

Track alerts by when, how, where and by whom they are submitted.

Control Alert Levels

Organizations may choose to have all alerts from members be routed through oversight first as “pings” before they are escalated to true emergencies.

Send Notifications

Communicate with your entire organization or only specific groups.

Checklists/Safety Checks

Send specific instructions and/or request safety checks from the members of your organization and track their progress.



Pro Dashboard

The Mayday Pro Dashboard is intuitive – emergencies are easy to see and track, users can be bulk uploaded, color-coded groups can be created to manage alerts and messaging, and zone boundaries are defined with a click of your mouse. You can access your dashboard from any internet connected device – anywhere in the world.


Organizations can also integrate existing sensors and systems that can be utilized within an intuitive Common Operating Picture for routine security and safety, and share the feeds with response partners during emergencies for a truly comprehensive solution. The Mayday Safety Solution allows each organization to integrate additional data feeds such as floorplans, GIS data, cameras/VMS, access control, asset tracking, and much more that can be automatically shared with response partners following an alert. 


Mayday Safety enables organizations to send critical messages, learn about potential threats, and respond confidently during an emergency. With the connectivity upgrade, alerts can also be sent directly to local law enforcement agencies or designated dispatch centers. Following an alert, the Mayday system will quickly setup a phone call between the alerting user and law enforcement.


What You Get


Smart Alerts

Receive alerts from, and send alerts to, every member in your organization – either within a certain boundary or world-wide.

Map View

See exactly what is going on and where. View alerts, monitor visitors, and track boundaries on a live map.

Manage Users

Add and remove users to and from your organization. Easily organize and sort users into groups.


Send instructions and updates to your team and receive feedback on each user’s status through the free Mayday Safety app

Cloud-Based Data

There’s no complicated software to install nor use. Your Mayday Pro dashboard is accessible from any internet connected device.

Manage Permissions

Control what each user group can do within the dashboard and which messages/instructions they’ll receive.

Accurate Locations

Despite what the movies show, 911 services don’t know the precise location of a cell phone call. Mayday Pro provides accurate information.

Real-time Assistance

Set a specific path and have others help monitor and track your journey. Get off course or don’t make it on time? Help is on the way! (coming soon)

New Thinking

Developed by special operations personnel. Unfortunately, modern attacks resemble the battlefield more than traffic stops.

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