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emergencies happen

Emergencies Bring Chaos and Confusion

What is the problem?

Where is the emergency?

Who needs help?

Who is safe?

What do I do?

If only there was a way to instantly alert your entire organization, share your location with leadership and first responders, and communicate clearly during an emergency.

Enter Mayday Safety.

Emergency management software designed to help you find clarity and give you control when every second counts.


what is mayday safety?

Mayday Safety is a crowdsourced safety solution designed by special operations veterans to help organizations take control of their own safety.


Instant Alerts

Send and receive location-based emergency alerts with the Mayday Safety smartphone app.


Clear Communication

Collaborate with and receive instructions from leadership and first responders during emergencies.

Real-Time Emergency Management

Know what is happening and where on an interactive dashboard.

smartphone app

Get help fast. With 3 presses of the Mayday button, you’ll send a location-based emergency alert to your entire organization. The Mayday Safety app sends and receives accurate and timely location information that can help save lives. Too often, first responders are unable to locate someone in need – unecessary delays can cost lives. The Mayday Safety app helps to solve this problem by immediately alerting who needs help and where.


Manage emergencies in real-time. Easily identify who is safe and who needs help with the Mayday Safety dashboard. During an emergency, a “safety check” is sent out to all users in the affected zone asking them if they are safe or if they need help. Everyone’s location appears on the map as a grey dot and one-by-one, they turn green or red depending on their status. 

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