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Emergencies can bring chaos and confusion.

During an emergency, you might find yourself asking:

Your members deserve to be safe.

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Take control

Manage Emergencies

Emergencies are typically overrun with chaos and confusion.

Not anymore.

With Mayday Safety, you’ll be able to see what is happening, to whom, and where. You’ll be able to communicate with your organization and check-in on everyone’s status.

Mayday Safety is the new standard.


Track Alert Locations

Track the locations of alerts and the users within your organization on an interactive map in the Mayday Pro dashboard.

View Emergency Details

Track alerts by when, how, where and by whom they are submitted.

Control Alert Levels

Organizations may choose to have all alerts from members be routed through oversight first as “pings” before they are escalated to true emergencies.

Send Notifications

Communicate with your entire organization or only specific groups.

Checklists/Safety Checks

Send specific instructions and/or request safety checks from the members of your organization and track their progress.


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Hypothetical Scenario

Church shooting starts. Fire alarm siren sounds. Screams and gunshots heard.

One option is over-run with confusion and chaos and risks increasing casualties. The other allows for clear communication which saves valuable time and allows for a deliberate and uniform response.

1. Without Mayday

An alert (possibly delayed) is signaled. This is most likely completed via radios, a fire alarm, or a PA address to the church buildings.

The alert is delayed until someone can find, and get to, a fire alarm or the PA system. Even with radios, someone with a radio needs to be aware of the problem and contact someone else with a radio who then must get to an alert system.

Leaders and members don’t know what to do. Should they escape? Should they lock-down? If a fire alarm is used, members won’t know the nature of the emergency nor how to react.

Minutes can pass, at a time where seconds are crucial, trying to figure out what is going on and how they should react.

If they lock-down, they won’t know for how long. If they escape, they won’t know where to go.

Leaders won’t know what is happening. Chaos and confusion rule.

Church leadership won’t know where and/or what the problem is to tell first responders or communicate with teachers. Is there one shooter? More? Where are they?

Which rooms are locked-down and safe? Who is injured and where are they? Who needs extra help? Where are evacuated members?

Leaders/First Responders don’t know who needs help and who is safe. Precious time will be spent trying to determine where to send emergency resources.

Police won’t know where the shooter(s) are. Medical personnel won’t know what help is needed and where.

2. With Mayday

An alert is immediatly signaled to the entire church. Anyone in your system with a smart phone, wherever they are, can send an alert to the entire community. Safety is crowdsourced.

To prevent false-alarms, churches can choose to have all alerts reviewed by select leadership.

Members know exactly what to do. Pre-set messages can be sent to members. Rooms can be locked-down in seconds.

Real-time messages can also be sent to everyone or specific groups.

Leaders know what is happening and where. Leaders can easily select “locked-down/all safe,” “medical attention needed,” and/or “SOS.”

The Mayday Safety dashboard will show everyone’s status on a map of the church.

Leaders/First Responders know where their help is needed. First responders will “join” your system with their Mayday Pro dashboard upon arrival and know what to do and where.


Are you ready to take control of your safety?

Smartphone Application

Mayday Safety App

The Mayday Safety App allows users, world-wide, to send and receive emergency alerts with precise location information and communicate with their organizations.

Cloud-based Software

Mayday Safety Dashboard

The Mayday Safety dashboard provides organizations with the ability to manage the safety of, and communicate with,  the users in their organization with the Mayday Safety App.


We are a group of special operations veterans that realized that some of the advanced technology and training used on the battlefield could be used in emergencies back home to help save lives.

These emergencies, like school shootings, workplace violence, or even natural disasters, are full of chaos and confusion. People, especially those that want to protect others, are often left feeling helpless.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve adapted our special ops tools and training to help you take control of your own safety and help protect others because our mission is back home – we’re parents, educators, and members of our community too.


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