During the 2017-2018 school year there were over 20 school shootings in the United States.  Over 50 children and teachers were wounded or killed. Three of those incidents were classified as mass shootings, involving more than 15 casualties in each incident. We painfully and helplessly watched on TV as kids rushed out of schools, hands up in chaos and terror. After the incidents we listened as innocent children described horrifying scenes of terror. As parents, we wept and prayed for the parents of these children and sincerely hoped we would never witness such horror ourselves.

We heard the stories of children communicating with family and friends on various social media platforms during the incidents. They called to plead for help, ask for directions and tell those who could be reached they loved them. They felt alone in those terrible moments without those they needed to guide them and lead them. They called their parents asking what to do and where to go. They used the resource they had and knew, their phones and social media.  Although not the most ideal resource, it was what they had.

Unfortunately, after a few days, when the cameras leave, the resolution to make a difference tends to leave as well. There are a few champions for the security of schools who stay the course, a few pathfinders who are determined to protect schools, protect students and protect teachers from the threats that would terrorize a community and scar these children and young people for life. For these brave and determined pathfinders, a new technology has emerged, leaning and learning from the lessons of these brave kids.

Mayday Safety is a crowdsourced mobile phone app and web browser dashboard that provides advanced warning technology and communication into the hands of students, teachers and law enforcement. Mayday Safety is designed to alert everyone immediately of a threat, enabling the entire school to lockdown in seconds and allowing resource officers or administrators to notify students and teachers with clear and concise instructions that can save their lives and ease their fears immediately.

Mayday Safety was designed by former renowned special operations veterans Ryan Cleckner and Kyle Lamb.  Immediately after watching a mass shooting incident in 2017, they converted their military special operations technology often referred to as “blue force trackers” into a civilian version—Mayday Safety. Additionally, they built advanced tactics features into the app that allows law enforcement and first responders to have a field of view over the entire school perimeter during an event.  All of the phones in the school zone activate during an emergency to create a virtual network for communication.

With Mayday Safety, first responders can see who needs help, who is safe and with its geolocation features, know exactly where the trouble is on campus. Mayday Safety further allows law enforcement or administrators to communicate directly with students and teachers with precise instructions to limit confusion during the chaos of many voices over unreliable social media platforms. School systems, colleges, worksites and churches have rapidly adopted this ground-breaking technology for safety.  Law enforcement has especially embraced it, since it was designed and developed by tactical minds for real life combat like situations.  It doesn’t interfere with first responders; it gives first responders critical information immediately when an event is triggered, allowing critical minutes to be shaved from response time.

In response to this, Mayday Safety has launched a Kickstarter program to complete additional advanced features for the app. In the final stages, Mayday Safety is adding a voice activation system and a movement pattern colored identification to give law enforcement an advantage in the event of a shooter. Mayday Safety is asking funders to contribute to the Mayday Safety fund to complete this project and launch more broadly into k-12 public schools.  Rewards for sponsoring include the distribution of Mayday Safety in an elementary school, middle school, or high school of your choice.

We ask you to join Mayday Safety in this journey to make schools safe for our children. Please contribute to the cause, get this revolutionary technology launched in your school, and volunteer to lead the deployment in your community. We can’t do everything, but we can always do something—give. Let’s not wait until another tragedy strikes before we are moved to action.  Click the link for the Mayday Safety Kickstarter page. Thank you for your help.


For more information about the Mayday Safety system, please reach out to us at info@maydaysafety.com




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