Mayday Safety App

Smart Alerts for smart devices.

Free for individuals. Available upgrades for organizations.

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“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!”

Mayday is the universal distress signal – said 3 times over a radio as a call for help from all that can hear.

With 3 presses of the Mayday button, you’ll send an emergency alert to your family and, with optional upgrades, to your organization (school, house of worship, or business organization) anywhere in the world!

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Receive Smart Alerts

The Mayday Safety App sends and receives accurate and timely location information that can help save lives.

Too often, first responders are unable to locate someone in need – unnecessary delays can cost lives. The Mayday Safety App helps to solve this problem by immediately alerting who needs help and where.


Safety Checks

Is Grandma ok?

Use the Mayday Safety App to check in on your loved ones.

They’ll receive an alert on their phone asking them to update their status.


Clear Communication

Avoid the chaos and confusion of an emergency.

Clear messaging can be sent and received – everyone knows what to do and they can update their status along the way.


What You Get

Family Alerts

Know when you receive a Mayday versus a normal text. Also, only Mayday Safety allows you to send feedback after receiving an alert.

Map View

View the exact location of alerts on a live map. The Mayday Safety app is darkened so that your face is not illuminated if you are trying to hide during an emergency.


Your Mayday Safety App can be used to interact, by sending and receiving organization-wide alerts, with an organization’s Mayday Pro dashboard.

Add Family Members

Easily add family members straight from your contacts. You can choose to have them notified via text so they can download and add you back.

Mayday Pro Communication

Receive messages from Mayday Pro organizations and provide feedback by confirming receipt, selecting options, and/or updating your status.

World-wide Service

The Mayday Safety App works wherever you have internet access or enough cell phone signal for a text message.

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