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Welcome to Mayday Safety’s FAQ page. We will be updating this weekly with more frequently asked questions and answers.

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Can an alert be heard when a phone is set to silent?

The screen will wake as it receives the Mayday alert, but if your phone is on silent, the alarm will not sound. But hear us out–This is by design!

Imagine you are hiding in a closet from an active shooter. You don’t want to turn off your phone completely, because you’d still like to communicate. But, you don’t want incoming sounds to “give you away.”

If we allowed an audible alert from the Mayday Safety App even though you have set your phone to silent, then we have overridden your choice and ability to hide. This effectively removes your control over your situation – something we never want to do!

Is there a way to prevent false alerts?

Yes. We didn’t want to give students the ability to easily lock down the school so we added the “ping” feature. Alerts from students (and whoever else you choose) can be set to “ping” first so administrators can receive the alert, call the student to see what’s going on, then choose to “resolve” or “upgrade” the alert as needed.

Does this system track my location at all times?

No! When we designed the system, we had two priorities in mind: your safety and your privacy. Mayday Safety only tracks your location if an emergency alert has been activated and/or a safety check has been sent to you to see if you’re safe or need help.

If you’re part of an organization that uses Mayday Safety, make sure you choose the option to share your location always and rest easy knowing your organization cannot see where you are unless an emergency has been activated.

For more FAQ’s about the Mayday Safety system, please register for an upcoming webinar, where we demonstrate the system and answer your questions!