Mayday Pro Demo / Q&A – Tuesdays @ 3pm EDT

Mayday Pro Demo / Q&A – Tuesdays @ 3pm EDT

Smart Safety

Emergency management and communication system developed by U.S. Special Ops veterans.

Smart Alerts for your Smart Phone

Mayday Safety helps to avoid chaos and confusion during emergencies.



Smart Alerts

The Mayday system allows information to be clearly transmitted AND received. Other systems (fire alarms, sirens, other apps) only alert of a problem – they don’t provide a solution.


Get the right message to the right people. Pre-set user groups allow for instant and clear instructions during an emergency. Track who has received and responded to messages.

Manage Emergencies

Our dashboard allows leaders to track who needs help and who is safe with one glance at our dashboard. First responders know what help is needed and where.

When seconds count, help is minutes away.

  • Avg. active shooting duration (12.5 minutes)
  • Avg. police response time (18 minutes)

I want to protect…


Personal accounts are used by individuals and families to employ professional security measures in their daily lives

...my family

Familes accounts allow for professional-level organization security measures for familes.

...my school (K-12)

Public K-12 schools use these accounts to enjoy special pricing and protection options.

...my organization

Organizational accounts are used by businesses, churches, universitities, and other institutions.


Venues and event organizers can provie protection and control over large groups of attendees.

...my jurisdiction

Governments can help respond to and manage emergencies in their jurisdictions.

Are you ready to take control of your safety?

Why Mayday Safety?

Other systems fail because they centralize the alert system and decentralize the communication and response.

Mayday Safety takes the opposite approach and provides Smart Safety by allowing everyone to send and receive alerts while allowing leadership and first responders to communicate and respond.


Save Time

Alerts can be sent immediately from anywhere. Users can respond fast.

Reduce Confusion

Everyone knows what to do. Pre-set messages and live updates let people how to respond.

Locate the Threat

Know what’s going on and where by allowing users to send and share information.

Get the Right Help

First responders know who needs what kind of help and who is safe.

Manage Effectively

Leadership and first responders have access to the Mayday dashboard.


Control Users

Assign specific roles and user groups for communication and response.

Prevent False Alarms

Know who sent the alert. Also, leaders can choose to verify all alerts before sending them organization-wide.

Communicate Clearly

Uniform and consistent messaging is managed by user group.

Ready to take control?

Learn more about the Mayday System and get started today!

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