Ryan Cleckner and James West joined forces to make the world a safer place. As corny as that sounds…it’s true.

James knew that there was an organizational safety need. There were simply too many places that thought “it could never happen to us.” They didn’t plan for emergencies, they had no clear ability to communicate and alert people in their organization, and the didn’t know how to react in the face of an emergency.

James approached Ryan with this problem and the two of them spent a weekend evening brainstorming ways to help. Sure, training was needed but there are already myriad training solutions available. James and Ryan realized that organizations needed a simple system under which they could rate their preparedness and take actionable steps to improve. Most of all, they needed a way to alert everyone of an issue, provide clear instructions, and receive feedback on each person’s status.

Although their ideas could help families, schools, and businesses, James’s first concern when he brought the idea up to Ryan was church safety. That’s why the men knew they needed to act when the Nov 5, 2017 Texas church shooting occurred. James and Ryan were painfully aware that a plan and training program along with an app could’ve helped. That day,¬†Mayday Safety was born.

Mayday Safety will provide training and tools for the following areas of our PAR System:

  • PLAN¬†– Online and in-person training and tools to help organizations assess their current status and implement safety plans.
  • ALERT – Provide the free Mayday Safety app to allow Crowdsourced Safety by and the paid Mayday Pro subscription to allow organizations and families to predetermine roles and permissions for members/employees and to easily manage the status of everyone in the Mayday Pro system.
  • REACT – Online and in-person training and tools to help organizations react to emergencies. This includes armed and unarmed self-defense as well as first aid.

About Ryan Cleckner

Ryan is a former special operations sniper and current firearms industry attorney and executive. He is a best-selling author, University lecturer, and has been training military, police, and civilians in firearms use for 15 years. He currently helps people get a federal firearms license (FFL) online.

About James West

James is a former minister/missionary and current healthcare CEO.

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