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There's a smarter way to protect your business.

Take control of your organization's safety with the Mayday Safety app and dashboard. Learn MoreGet Started

Emergencies bring chaos and confusion,

but there’s a smarter way to manage them.

Why Mayday Safety?

Founded by U.S. Special Ops Veterans

Mayday Safety was founded by U.S. Army Special Ops veterans Ryan Cleckner and Kyle Lamb after hearing about yet another mass casualty shooting in late 2017.

Flexible Payment Options

Download the free app, then choose an annual or a monthly subscription to the Mayday Safety dashboard.

Dedicated Customer Support

Made by safety advocates for safety advocates–our team and support center ensure you get the answers and help you need as soon as possible.

No Strings Attached

Cancel your monthly subscription to the Mayday Safety dashboard anytime–no contract, no hassle.

Two Powerful Tools, Better Together.

Mayday Safety offers a powerful safety solution with a completely free app at its core.

The app is powerful alone — but it’s even better when it’s used with the dashboard.

Mayday Safety App

Available, for free, to everyone in the world! Send and receive location-based alerts and, with an optional upgrade to Mayday Pro, communicate with leadership and your security team.

Mayday Safety Dashboard

Mayday Pro offers a subscription-based emergency management tool. Manage alerts from, and communicate with, Mayday Safety app users.

Mayday FREE Mayday Pro
Annual Cost: FREE See Plans
-Send Alerts
-Receive Alerts
-Interact w/ Mayday Pro Orgs
-Receive Messages
-Confirm Messages
-Add 10 Family Members
-Send Family Alerts
-Receive Family Alerts
-Dashboard Access
-Number of Users See Plans
-Number of Zones See Plans
-Number of Admins See Plans
-Establish Zones
-Manage Users
-Create Groups
-Send Messages
-Send Safety Checks
-Control Alert Levels
-Monitor Organization


See Mayday Safety in Action.

Join co-founder and special operations veteran, Ryan Cleckner, for a 30-minute webinar as he shares why he created Mayday Safety, demonstrates the functionality of the Mayday Safety app and dashboard, and answers your questions.

    Get the Most Out of Your Organization’s Safety Solution.

    Mayday Safety helps your organization in three key areas: instant alerts, clear communication, and real-time emergency management. PA systems and fire alarms are no longer enough. It’s time to get smarter about your organization’s safety.


    Instant Alerts

    Instantly alert your entire organization of an emergency with the push of a button via the Mayday Safety smartphone app. Get your company’s campus locked down fast and everyone safe when every second counts.


    Clear Communication

    Collaboration between leadership, the security team, staff, and first responders has never been easier or faster. Get everyone on the same page when sharing emergency information, updates, and instructions.

    Real-Time Emergency Management

    With the dashboard’s and real-time data analysis, not only do you get a complete picture of your business’ current safety status, you are alerted as developments unfold so you can quickly address issues.

    Protect Your Organization.



    If you’d like to learn more about Mayday Safety, attend a webinar. We’ll discuss the problems the system helps alleviate, demonstrate the app and dashboard, and answer your questions.



    View Mayday Safety pricing options, then choose the best plan for your organization. Upon signing up, you’ll gain access to your new Mayday Safety dashboard.



    Upon receiving your welcome email, set up your new Mayday Safety dashboard. Check out the Support Center for dashboard training videos, FAQ’s, and user guides.

    Get Started With Mayday Safety

    First, choose your organization’s size. Then, choose to pay annually (best value) or monthly.

    Questions about pricing? Contact us.


    Small Organization Subscription

    Annual Plan: $500/yr

    (Enjoy a 7-day free trial AND save $100 annually)


    Monthly Plan: $50/mo 


    Up to 10 Users
    1 Location
    1 System Admin

    Medium Organization Subscription

    Annual Plan: $1,500/yr

    (Enjoy a 7-day free trial AND save $300 annually)


    Monthly Plan: $150/mo 


    Up to 100 Users
    3 Locations
    10 System Admins

    Large Organization Subscription

    Annual Plan: $3,500/yr

    (Enjoy a 7-day free trial AND save $700 annually)


    Monthly Plan: $350/mo 


    Up to 1,000 Users
    10 Locations
    50 System Admins

    Enterprise Organization Subscription

    Annual Plan: TBD

    Over 1,000 Users
    Over 10 Locations

    Over 50 System Admins