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Mayday Safety Partner Program Benefits and Requirements







Mayday Safety Partner Program Benefits

Competitive Margins

Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout

Pre-Qualified Leads

Pre–qualified sales leads generated from our website


Deal Registration

Register your deals to obtain special account exclusivity.


Partner Locator

Helps prospects to find you quickly

Sales Tools

Competitive matrix, persuasive PowerPoints, market info and more.

Free Training

No cost for product and technical training

"Everything I look for in a partner program!"

"Great product and program!"

Mayday Safety Partner Program Requirements


Apply to Program

Must complete the Mayday Safety Partner Program application and receive approval from Channel Sales Manager.


Qualify as a var

Must qualify as a VAR with a) face-to-face selling, b) provide 1st line post-sale support, c) have outbound sales reps, d) sell complementary products and install/integration capabilities.


Develop business plan of action

Submit quarterly business plan of action with assitance from the Channel Sales Manager to allocate MDF and orchestrate joint promotions.


Hit quarterly sales targets

Gold-level Dealer Partners are required to reach predetermined sales targets to obtain higher margins and additional benefits. Check for details.

Click HERE to view a detailed grid of the partner program that shows benefits and requirements by level. This is an active partner program; you’re sure to love it!

Feel free to call me with any questions—I’m happy to help.

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Channel Sales Manager
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