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Mayday Safety was designed by special operations veterans who saw a need for some of the advanced tracking and communications tools from the battlefield back home.

Ryan Cleckner and James West are the founders. Ryan is a former special operations sniper, attorney, and best-selling author and James is a former healthcare executive. Kyle Lamb, a key contributor, is a retired special operations soldier, world-famous military/police trainer, and owner of VikingTactics.

Special Ops (Delta, SEALs, Rangers, PJs) have “blue-force trackers” that help them identify where their team mates are and help them to determine who needs help (and where).

Mayday Safety is a solution that allows smartphone users to send alerts to those nearby with precise location information.

The system involves a free app that allows individuals and families, worldwide, to take control of their own safety.

Contrary to popular belief, 911 does not know your precise location the majority of the time. The FCC has said that up to 10,000 lives a year could be saved in America with a solution for more accurate location information. Mayday Safety is that solution.

Organizations (businesses, schools, churches, etc.) can sign up for a Mayday Safety subscription where they will have access to a control center that allows them to manage emergencies in their locations, have clear communication, and SAVE LIVES.