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Mayday Safety: Technology for Emergencies

Bring Special Forces Tools to Your Organization

Mayday Safety was created by U.S. Special Operations veterans, on a mission to help keep people safe. They’ve harnessed the best tools and tactics from their special operations experience and made them available to you in Mayday Safety Pro.

With Mayday Safety Pro, you’ll be prepared to effectively manage virtually any type of emergency situation.


Medical Emergencies




Domestic Disputes


Threats or Acts of Violence


Fires and Fire Drills


Inclement Weather or Natural Disasters

Don’t get left in the dark.

Powerful visuals help you see the big picture during emergency situations. Mayday Safety Pro provides the situational awareness you need to save precious time and resources.


Visualize alert locations

Know exactly who sent the alert and where they are located.


Visualize user locations

Track the locations of the users in your organization during an emergency. Send a safety check to see who needs help and who is safe.

Mass communication,
minus the uncertainty.

Using a PA system or fire alarm to announce an emergency can be risky—how can you be sure everyone received the message?

Using a mass texting system can be risky, too—mass texts get the word out, but communication only goes one way.

Mayday Safety Pro eliminates that uncertainty with immediate alerts and clear communication during an emergency.

Seamless integration.

Over 22,000 individuals are already using the free Mayday Safety Personal Safety app to feel safe and communicate with loved ones.

Mayday Safety Pro integrates seamlessly with the Mayday Safety Personal Safety App. Users can use the app to send emergency alerts and communicate at home, at work, and everywhere in between.



We feel safe now!

We feel safe now. It’s that simple. Our kids, parents, and teachers all love the difference… we went from anxious to in control.

-Holly Fisher, Academy Schools


Mayday Safety is a game-changer. I strongly recommend it. In every mass shooting I’ve reviewed, there’s no doubt that it would have saved lives.

-Wayne Black, Security Expert

Revolutionary System!

From Iraq to Afghanistan, to our school hallways and church sanctuaries, they’ve dedicated their lives to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

-Sean Davis, The Federalist