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Emergencies Happen

When Seconds Count, Help is Minutes Away

  • Active Shootings – 12.5 minutes (avg)
  • Police Response Time – 18 minutes (avg)

“Department of Homeland Security research reveals that the average duration of an active shooter incident at a school is 12.5 minutes. In contrast, the average response time for law enforcement is 18 minutes.”   PoliceMag.com

A school shooting starts. The fire alarm sounds. Screams and gunshots are heard. Chaos and confusion ensue.

A delayed alert is signaled to the entire school. This is most likely completed via radio or PA address to the school once someone gets to the central office.

Teachers and students don’t know what to do. Should they escape? Should they lock down? Valuable minutes pass while they struggle to figure out what is going on and how to react.

Leaders and first responders don’t know what is happening. Is there one shooter? More? Where are they? Which classrooms are locked down and safe? Who is injured and where are they? Chaos and confusion rule.

Take Control Of Your School’s Safety

How Mayday Safety Helps

Instant Alerts

Instantly alert the entire campus of an emergency with the push of a button via the Mayday Safety smartphone app. Get your campus locked down fast and everyone safe when every second counts.


Clear Communication

Collaboration between school leadership, students, teachers, parents, and first responders has never been easier or faster. Get everyone on the same page when sharing emergency information, updates, and instructions.

Real-Time Emergency Management

With Mayday Safety’s dashboard and real-time data analysis, not only do you get a complete picture of your school’s current safety status, you are alerted as developments unfold so you can address issues promptly.

Crowdsourced Safety Software

How Mayday Safety Works

Smartphone App

Get help fast. With 3 presses of the Mayday button, you’ll send a location-based emergency alert to your entire campus. The Mayday Safety app sends and receives accurate and timely location information that can help save lives. Too often, first responders are unable to locate someone in need – unecessary delays can cost lives. The Mayday Safety app helps to solve this problem by immediately alerting who needs help and where.

Avoid false alerts. Mayday alerts from students and select staff can be set to “ping” first so that administrators must choose to “resolve” or “upgrade” the alert as needed.



Manage emergencies in real-time. Easily identify who is safe and who needs help with the Mayday Safety dashboard. During an emergency, a “safety check” is sent out to all users in the affected zone asking them if they are safe or if they need help. Everyone’s location appears on the map as a grey dot and one-by-one, they turn green or red depending on their status. 

Collaborate with all stakeholders. Quickly send notifications with information or instructions to school leadership, teachers, parents, and students to reduce chaos and confusion. Utilize the “read receipt” functionality that allows you to easily see who has read the message and who hasn’t.


Protect Your School in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Attend a Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about Mayday Safety, attend a webinar. We’ll demonstrate the system and answer your questions.


Step 2: Request a Proposal

We’ll get connected to learn about your school’s unique needs and get you up and running–oftentimes, the same business day!

Step 3: Protect Your School

Use your Mayday Safety dashboard to take control of your school’s safety. Know what is happening, to whom, and where every place on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mayday Safety cost?

This is, for obvious reasons, the most frequently asked question, but there’s no “one size fits all” answer! The cost of a Mayday Safety subscription depends on the overall size of your organization, but the cost is most likely less than you think. Factors include the number of locations your organization has, the number of people you want to protect, how many people will be monitoring the system and using the app, and the length of your agreement.

To get a quote for your organization, first attend a webinar so you can learn about the system and ask questions, then request a proposal. We’ll get in touch with you right away to learn more about your organization to get you the price that matches your specific needs!

Is the Mayday Safety app available for both iPhone and Android?

Yes! The Mayday Safety app is free for individuals and is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Does Mayday Safety call 911?

No. Mayday Safety is not a replacement for 911. Rather, it serves as a supplement for first responders to see everyone’s safety status and location, and it also provides a direct line of communication for school leadership, first responders, parents, and students during an emergency.

What benefits does Mayday Safety have over dialing 911?
  • Accurate and Timely Location Information: Too often, first responders are unable to locate someone in need. The Mayday Safety app helps solve this problem by sending accurate and timely location information to your organization’s leadership and previously selected first responders using your phone’s GPS.
  • Safety Checks: The Mayday Safety app also has a safety check feature, where individuals can update their status as “I’m safe” or “I need help.”
  • Clear communication: Your organization’s leadership and first responders can send notifications or checklists with specific instructions to limit chaos and confusion.
Can an alert be heard if my phone is on silent?

No, but for good reason. The screen will wake as it receives the Mayday alert, but if your phone is on silent, the alarm will not sound.

Imagine you are hiding in a closet from an active shooter. You don’t want to turn off your phone completely, because you’d still like to communicate. But, you don’t want incoming sounds to “give you away.”

If we allowed an audible alert from the Mayday Safety App even though you have set your phone to silent, then we have overridden your choice and ability to hide. This effectively removes your control over your situation – something we never want to do!

Is there a way to prevent false alerts?

Yes. We didn’t want to give some users the ability to easily lock down a building so we added the “ping” feature. Alerts from select users can be set to “ping” first so administrators can receive the alert, call the person to see what’s going on, then choose to “resolve” or “upgrade” the alert as needed.

Can I send or receive Mayday alerts if I have poor cell reception?

Maybe. Like all other apps, you will need sufficient cell reception or a wifi connection in order to send and receive alerts.

Is there a way to tune the alert type--intruder, shooter, medical, weather, etc?

No. We wanted the alert to be as simple and straightforward as possible to eliminate as much chaos and confusion as possible.

Lock down first, find out why second. System administrators can send out the Mayday alert which initiates a lock down and gets everyone to safety, then send out a notification explaining what is going on.

I have some privacy concerns. Does this system track my location at all times?

No. When we designed the system, we had two priorities in mind: your safety and your privacy. Mayday Safety only tracks your location if an emergency alert has been activated and/or a safety check has been sent to you to see if you’re safe or need help.

If you’re part of an organization that uses Mayday Safety, make sure you choose the option to share your location always and rest easy knowing your organization cannot see where you are unless an emergency has been activated.

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