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This time of year, most of us would rather daydream about the holidays and the fast-approaching new year, but it’s important to take a moment to make sure your school or your kids’ school is safe!



In This Article You Will Learn:

  • 4 tips to make your school safer
  • How Mayday Safety can help


How Can You Make Your School Safer?


“Educators, administrators and other faculty members who work in schools not only teach students about the world but have to protect them from some of its most unpredictable situations as well.”


Earth Networks provided many tips to ensure your students’ learning environment is as safe as possible, but here, we’ve narrowed it down to 4. To read Earth Network’s full article, click here.


Tip #1: Implement an ID Badge Policy.

“Identification badges for administrators, staff, visitors and even students can help foster a safer environment. It is also important to implement a protocol for how to handle unidentified individuals within the school.”


Tip #2: Set Clear Expectations & Limits on Violence and Bullying

“Ensure your students know from day one what constitutes unacceptable behavior. Outline that pushing, shoving and even threats count as violence.”


Tip #3: Raise Fire Safety and Severe Weather Awareness

“While drills can seem repetitive at times, practicing them seriously can be the difference between safety and danger.”


Tip #4: Maintain Locks on Doors and Windows

“In the unfortunate event of a school emergency requiring a lock down, properly working locks are of the utmost importance.”



How Can Mayday Safety Help?

  • In the event an intruder enters the school, students get involved in a fight, or a student brings a gun to school, use your Mayday Safety app to alert instantly alert the school to lock down.
  • In the event of a fire or severe weather, use your Mayday Safety dashboard to quickly account for everyone! Send out safety checks so everyone can check in as “safe” or “need help.” You can also send out checklists with specific tasks for students and staff to complete to reduce confusion.


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