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Tools and Technology to Simplify Your Safety

Emergencies Bring Chaos and Confusion

What is the problem?

Where is the emergency?

Who needs help?

Who is safe?

What do I do?

What if there was a way to instantly alert the entire campus, share your location with leadership and first responders, and communicate clearly during an emergency?

Enter Mayday Safety.

Emergency management software designed to help you find clarity and give you control when every second counts.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Attend a Webinar

If you’d like to learn more about Mayday Safety, attend a webinar. We’ll demonstrate the system and answer your questions.


Step 2: Request a Proposal

We’ll get connected to learn about your school’s unique needs and get you up and running–oftentimes, the same business day!

Step 3: Protect Your School

Use your Mayday Safety dashboard to take control of your school’s safety. Know what is happening, to whom, and where every place on campus.


Current safety solutions all fail in one key area – they rely upon centralized communication and one-way alerts. Mayday Safety provides smart alerts that allow notification of an emergency and feedback and safety status updates from the members of your organization. You’ll know who’s safe and who needs help – fast!


Access your dashboard from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. Emergencies are easy to see and track on an interactive map, users can be bulk uploaded, color-coded groups can be created to manage alerts and messaging, and zone boundaries are defined with a click of your mouse.


Give your students the protection they deserve! Learn about potential threats, send important messages, and respond confidently during an emergency. The uses are almost limitless – track staff and students after a fire or natural disaster, check in on field trips off campus, lock down your school fast…and on and on.

You be the Hero. We'll be your Guide.

Join us on the journey to make your school a safer place.

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