In emergencies, organizations, such as schools, businesses, and churches, don’t have proper plans nor training, they don’t have an effective method to alert and communicate, and therefore they don’t know how to react to emergencies like mass shootings, fires, or natural disasters.

  • No cohesive plan/training
  • Lack of an ability to effectively alert and communicate
  • De-centralized/Inconsistent reactions


Mayday Safety trains organizations and helps them plan for emergencies. At the core of the Mayday Safety system is the Mayday App which allows organizations to crowdsource safety by putting a panic button in the hands of every smart-phone user.

Unlike other alert systems, the Mayday App also allows for feedback and communication “up stream” which allows pre-designated users (teachers, administration, etc.) to confirm “lock-down” and provide status updates.

From a centralized Mayday Pro dashboard, an organization’s leaders and first responders can see exactly what the emergency is, where it is occuring, and the distinction between who needs help and who is safe.

  • Uniform training/plan implementation
  • Immediate and clear alerts and communication
  • Organized reactions


Prepare for, and react to, emergencies on your campus with Mayday Safety.

Houses of Worship

Prepare for, and react to, emergencies on your property with Mayday Safety.


Prepare for, and react to, emergencies on your property, and around the world, with Mayday Safety.

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