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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin


In emergencies, organizations, such as schools, businesses, and houses of worship, oftentimes do not have proper plans or training for emergency events. They don’t have an effective method to alert and communicate, so when the unthinkable happens (mass shootings, fires, natural disasters, etc.), the chaos and confusion is overwhelming.


Mayday Safety gives organizations the tools and technology they need to help limit chaos and confusion during an emergency. At the core of the Mayday Safety system is the Mayday app, which allows organizations to crowdsource safety by placing a panic button in the hands of every smart-phone user.

From a centralized Mayday Pro dashboard, an organization’s leaders and local first responders can see exactly what the emergency is, where it is occurring, and the distinction between who needs help and who is safe. Faster, more efficient responses to emergencies can help save lives!

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