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Protect those who count on you for their safety at your school, place of worship, or other organization.


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What is Mayday Safety?

Mayday Safety is a crowd-sourced safety solution designed by special operations veterans to help organizations take control of their own safety.

Protect Your Students


It’s never been easier or faster to lock-down an entire campus, see who needs help and who’s safe, and communicate with everyone – including first responders and parents.

Protect Your Members

Houses of Worship

Your members can all be part of your active response plan. Sending and receiving immediate alerts and communicating clearly will make for an effective response and it will save laves.

Protect Your employees


Send and receive location-based alerts and communicate with your employees instantly…world-wide!  Crisis communication can be easily tracked and managed.


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Smartphone Application

Mayday Safety App

The Mayday Safety App allows users, world-wide, to send and receive emergency alerts with precise location information and communicate with their organizations.

Cloud-based Software

Mayday Safety Dashboard

The Mayday Safety dashboard provides organizations with the ability to manage the safety of, and communicate with,  the users in their organization with the Mayday Safety App.


We are a group of special operations veterans that realized that some of the advanced technology and training used on the battlefield could be used in emergencies back home to help save lives.

These emergencies, like school shootings, workplace violence, or even natural disasters, are full of chaos and confusion. People, especially those that want to protect others, are often left feeling helpless.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve adapted our special ops tools and training to help you take control of your own safety and help protect others because our mission is back home – we’re parents, educators, and members of our community too.

Are you ready to take control of your safety?


Protect your students.  When seconds count, help is often minutes away…see how Mayday Safety can help you protect your school.


Your members count on you for their safety.  Mayday Safety is the best system to alert all of your members and manage emergencies.


Protect your most valuable asset…your employees. Workplace violence, and other emergencies, happen – get started with Mayday Safety now to be prepared. Save money and lives.


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