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Mayday Safety is a crowd-sourced safety solution designed by Special Operations veterans to help individuals manage their own safety and organizations manage emergencies.

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Mayday Safety App

Smart alerts for smart phones™ Send and receive emergency alerts with accurate location information to/from those nearby, your family, and your organization.

Manage Emergencies

Mayday Pro Dashboard

Organizations can react to emergencies by knowing where the threat is, who is hurt, and who is safe.

Schools, businesses, and churches can manage emergencies with clear and effective communication.

Mayday safety

How it Works

The Mayday Safety App enables the sending and receiving of emergency notifications for individuals, families, and organizations.

Our App is available for free on the iTunes App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for Android.


Send Alerts

In an emergency, you can instantly send a Mayday Alert with your precise location.

Recieve Alerts

With the Mayday Safety App you can receive Mayday Alerts with the location of who needs help.



App users can send “safety checks” to their family members and organizations can communicate directly with their users.

Mayday safety

Who Gets Alerts

Nearby Mayday Users

Mayday App users near your location receive an alert with your location.

Family Members

Those who you’ve added as family members in the Mayday Safety App receive an alert world-wide.

Your Organization

If your organization (school, church, business, etc.) is a Mayday Pro subscriber, they’ll receive your alert.

Are you ready to take control of your safety?

Why Mayday Safety?

Other systems fail because they centralize the alert system and decentralize the communication and response.

Mayday Safety takes the opposite approach and provides Smart Safety by allowing everyone to send and receive alerts while allowing leadership and first responders to communicate and respond.


Save Time

Alerts can be sent immediately from anywhere. Users can respond fast.

Reduce Confusion

Everyone knows what to do. Pre-set messages and live updates let people how to respond.

Locate the Threat

Know what’s going on and where by allowing users to send and share information.

Get the Right Help

First responders know who needs what kind of help and who is safe.

Manage Effectively

Leadership and first responders have access to the Mayday dashboard.


Control Users

Assign specific roles and user groups for communication and response.

Prevent False Alarms

Know who sent the alert. Also, leaders can choose to verify all alerts before sending them organization-wide.

Communicate Clearly

Uniform and consistent messaging is managed by user group.

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